3 Rules To Live By

I recently went to California for the weekend where I got the chance to learn from the fitness industries top professionals. I have learned many things over this weekend but there were 3 big take a ways that stand out. I have no doubt in my mind that these 3 things can make a drastic change to your life and in accomplishing your goals.



The Art of Giving


You ever hear that old folk tale “the more you give, the more you receive”? Well guess what kid, momma was right. The most successful people in any industry are usually go givers. They give without anything expected in return. Eventually it comes back to them and it’s actually TRUE!

Give because you want to help the person. Not because you want something in return. This little shift in mindset can make a huge difference in the results that occur. Believe it or not, one of our human needs is to give. Don’t you ever get that warm fuzzy feeling after you give someone a gift? Or helped them with something they needed? That feeling alone should be all that we want in return.

My goal with this blog is to share my personal experiences and knowledge to help motivate, inspire, and guide others to better their lives. Whether that is in fitness or a personal goal, I hope this blog can give you a piece of value that you can use to better yourself.

Getting Shit Done


Another piece of information I learned over the weekend is GSD (Getting Shit Done). Too many people procrastinate on what they want to do next, or their too scared to take the necessary step in living a happier life for themselves.

I’ve seen many people who are smart and capable of doing great things fall short. This is usually because they aren’t capable of getting shit done. Procrastination is THE worst thing you can do when you are trying to achieve a goal. If you have a weight loss goal, then give yourself a timeline. Set deadlines each week on where you should be to keep yourself on track. This also makes you accountable for achieving that goal.

If you aren’t hitting your weekly targets, then you’re not getting your shit done. This can also be applied to your career or even just getting homework done.

Getting Shit Done

Too many people read quotes instead of live them.

Being in your comfort zone will most likely not get you towards your goals, unless you want a flat ass from sitting on it all day. I’m pretty sure we all have experienced that feeling of getting out of your comfort zone and having that excruciated feeling of accomplishment. There is no better feeling like it.

Overcoming Fear


This leads me to next point, which is FEAR. Yup, that’s right… you aren’t reaching your goals because you’re scared. Too many people don’t accomplish what they want out of their lives because they’re too scared of what other people think. It’s such a tragedy.

I remember when I first started boxing at 14 years old. I was a skinny little kid at 140 pounds and I was 6’0” at the time. I went to the weight room once and felt so out of place. I was scared of what other people would think of me. Especially when I could only bench 65 lbs at the time.

Some thoughts that crossed my mind were, “What is this weak little kid doing here”. I had so much anxiety about it that I never went back until I was 17 years old and just stuck with boxing.

To this day, my mind is blown on why I was so scared of such a thing like that. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are too scared to go to the gym because they are afraid of what people think of them. The fear they live with is so strong that it prevents them from living a healthy lifestyle.

We need to overcome this negative mindset. We are only hurting ourselves when we think like this. Seriously, WHO GIVES A FUCK what other people think.

No one gives a fuck

When you think someone else is judging you just tell yourself this, “I’m going to do this because it makes me a better person!”. Don’t let other people stop you from having a better lifestyle for yourself.

Once fear is out of play and you start getting shit done while giving more than you receive, you can accomplish anything that stands in your way. With these 3 rules in effect, I know we can live a happier life style while achieving the goals that we set out for ourselves.

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  1. Grant says:

    Well said my friend. Well said.Thanks for sharing your experience and your thoughts0 they are right on!!!!

  2. toms salg says:

    And, even if you educate yourself about nutrition and start demanding open range meat, for example, that’s not drenched in chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, you’d better have deep pockets.

  3. Toms salg says:

    His story, which he tells very well, is exactly the story I needed to hear right now.

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