4-Minute Ab Workout


Today, I have a 4-Minute Ab Workout that is taken from one of my programs at FighterAbs.com The workout is completely bodyweight and don’t worry, you won’t see one sit up or crunch here. Throw this one at the end of your routine or on an off day and let me know how your abs feel. […]

Standing Ab Wheel Rollout


Ab Wheel Rollouts are by far one of the best exercises for your core and abs. If you have access to an ab wheel then this exercise should definitely be apart of your routine. Today I am going to present a video on how to progress into a full Standing Ab Wheel Rollout. I am also going […]

The Real Cause of Tight Hips


  Do you always complain of having tight hips? Do you stretch out your hips every day hoping they will be “flexible”? I am telling you right now that you’re wasting your time. You can stretch your hip flexors all day if you’d like but you aren’t fixing the underling problem. It’s like taking an […]