4-Minute Ab Workout

Today, I have a 4-Minute Ab Workout that is taken from one of my programs at FighterAbs.com

The workout is completely bodyweight and don’t worry, you won’t see one sit up or crunch here. Throw this one at the end of your routine or on an off day and let me know how your abs feel.

I’m warning you though, the exercises can be tough. I know it’s only 4 minutes long but you will feel your abs burn more than anything you’ve done before.

Without further ado, here’s the 4-Minute Ab Workout

A1 – Long Plank Walkouts – 5 Reps
A2 – Long Plank Armpit Touches – 5 Reps Each Side
A3 – Saw Plank – 10 Reps

Repeat this circuit for as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes.

Rest as needed during the workout.

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