Having a Passion


A lot of people go day after day feeling unmotivated to get anything done. They just live through the motions. They accept the wage they’re currently earning and go to a job they hate.

I see the same thing at the gym. Many people just go through the motions. They go to the gym because they “have to”. They don’t set goals for themselves and don’t get the results that they want.  There is nothing driving them to be better.

I was very lucky to stumble upon my passion at the age of 14. But before that, I had no direction of what I wanted out of life or what to do with my self. When growing up, I played soccer as a kid. I never really liked it that much. But living in a family full of pork chops, I felt entitled to be good at it. Trust me, they LOVE soccer.

So my parents put me in soccer at a young age. I got tired of it quick. Sorry, but running around and kicking balls just didn’t do it for me. Even though I was sick of the sport, I still played and was on a league for a couple of years. I had no attention of getting better. I just showed up and watched the clock. I actually got excited when a game or practice was over. I didn’t even care if we lost. After a couple years of going through this, I eventually dropped out.


On top of all that, I was a troubled kid in school. I got into so many fights that I looked forward to getting suspended in school. I had an anger management therapist come to my home to deal with this “problem”. The only problem I had was that I had no sense in direction of what I wanted to do.

At the age of 14, I got into boxing. I thought it was a good idea. I get to hit people without getting in trouble. That was like a dream come true. But dam was I humbled.

After a week in, I never missed a day and I loved the training. So I went in the ring to spar for my first time. I went up against a 6’4” 200 pound guy. He beat the living shit out of me. I had blood all over my shirt. It was the most humbling experience of my life.

rocky being punched

From that day, I had a burning desire to get better. I got to the gym early and stayed late. I was excited everyday to get to the gym after school. This feeling was PASSION. I enjoyed every minute of the sport. I later went on to become a two time provincial gold medalist.

I eventually got an injury that took me out for 6 months. This was devastating for me. I didn’t know what to do with my self. I knew I loved to fight and my favourite place in the world is the gym. So I stayed in the gym and got on a real lifting program. I really enjoyed getting stronger. But I still had that passion for fighting.

So after I felt better from my injury. I decided to take a break from boxing and try something new to see if I liked it. What I found was, that I really liked Muay Thai. After 6 months off, I still had that passion for fighting. By following my passion, I became the Super Middle Weight North American Champion in Muay Thai.

If I didn’t follow my passion and gave into mediocrity, I wouldn’t have had the success that I have experienced.


I now have a passion for helping others through my training career. I do my best to gain as much knowledge in the fitness industry to help those who need it. I enjoy watching people break through plateaus they thought would be impossible to accomplish and to attain goals they have been longing for.

Passion gives you work ethic. It gives you the ability to do what’s necessary to become better at what you are trying to accomplish. Without that passion, it is very hard to get better at something you don’t enjoy doing.

If you don’t have a goal when you are going to the gym, then it’s going to be a dreading experience to get yourself up and actually go to the gym. Even if your passion is just to get laid more. At least you now have a reason to hit the gym harder and actually get shit done.

Now it’s time to find out what you are passionate about. Don’t make the mistake of letting other people tell you what you should be passionate about. It is up to YOU to decide to pursue what you enjoy doing. You will be amazed of the work ethic that you gain from pursuing that desire.

What is your passion?

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