How Top Level Fighters Train Their Core

George St. Pierre

Have you ever been punched in the stomach before?

How did it feel?

Were you “winded”?

Do you think, a couple of crunches or sit-ups would’ve helped cushion the blow?

I’m going to answer the last one for you and say… no. But go ahead… give it a try. Let me know if it makes a difference.

Now imagine being a fighter. Where you have to spend many rounds being punched and kicked, repeatedly towards your midsection.

Are you still going to do countless reps of crunches and sit-ups?

I sure hope not. Better yet, I have a much better solution.

And this “solution” won’t only make your core as strong as a rock. But you will also look the part as well.

I know we can all agree that fighters have the most INSANE Ripped Six-Pack Abs from any athlete in any other sport. Think about it… if you train your abs like a fighter… you will end up with abs like a fighter.

But I’m not just talking about how ANY fighter trains their abs. I’m talking about how TOP LEVEL fighters train their abs.

Without a strong core, you will never generate as much power as the higher level fighters. We need to train our core for performance and aesthetics will come as a result. Plus, being more athletic is always a great attribute to have.

Luckily for you, I’m going to be revealing a sample core workout that I use myself and with my fighters.

First, you are going to need to know some very common mistakes that you are probably doing. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Mistake #1: Too Much Volume


Way too many people perform countless reps of pretty much any type of ab exercise out there. Instead we should be focusing on the strength aspect of core training.

By now we should all know that crunches and sit-ups are a complete waste of time. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to beat the horse with that one.

The thing is… people are still doing 400-500 reps of an ab exercise. Your abdominals and core should be treated like any other muscle group.

For some weird reason, many people perform more reps when training their core, compared to other muscle groups. Strength should also be considered when training your core. You don’t train strength by doing 500 reps of an exercise.

Here’s something else that is considered “too much volume for core training”. Holding a plank longer than a minute. If you can already hold a plank for a minute or even 30 seconds (Assuming you have great form) then it’s time to move on.

There are much more challenging variations that you can do, to effectively train your abdominals and core. I’m going to be showing you a plank variation where you will learn to brace your abs like a fighter about to throw a punch.

Speaking of bracing your abs… this leads me to the next mistake.

Mistake #2: Drawing In Instead Of Bracing Your Abs


Here’s what I mean by that… too many people suck in their stomach instead of pushing it out. Which is also known as bracing.

Strength comes from bracing your abs, not sucking in your gut. Try this… push a heavy object as hard as you can while sucking in your gut. Now push that same object while you push your stomach out and brace your abs. You will notice a huge difference.

Drawing in and bracing your abs is the difference between just having abs and having abs that POP. A fighter heavily relies on the brace. Fighters will not get the same type of power in their strikes if they don’t brace their abdominals.

One way you can learn to brace your abs and a cue that I love using is to pretend you are getting hit in the stomach. What’s your initial reaction? Exactly, you will naturally brace your abs to withstand the blow.

In the workout below, you will learn specific exercises that will force you to brace your abs.

It’s now time to reveal what the Top Level Fighters are doing for their core training. The best part is, all you need is your own bodyweight.

Here’s the sample core routine:

Hardstyle Plank – 10 Sec x3

Long Plank Walkouts – 10 Reps

Box Plank – 10 Reps Each Side

Rest 60 Sec

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

This core routine will teach your body how to brace your abs for STRENGTH and POWER while you get ripped abs like a fighter. Enjoy the circuit and watch your athleticism and performance improve substantially.

If you would like more workouts like this, check out for done for you videos and a complete step-by-step guide in getting you Six-Pack Abs with just your own bodyweight.

– Andrew Raposo


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    Just signed up to your Fighter Abs program-early days yet but the short, HI workouts, have really sparked my gym routines. Trying to lose the stubborn fat hiding my abs and have a strong belief this is going to succeed.

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