The Fighter’s Work Ethic

This is an additional instalment to my previous entry The Fighter’s Mentality

I can go for days on why a strong work ethic can be beneficial to your success in just about anything. But instead, I’m going to share The Fighter’s Work Ethic and show you what it takes to become a real success at what you’re trying to accomplish.

Fighting is one of the most challenging sports out there. It requires speed, strength, endurance, explosiveness, cardio, reaction time, the mental strength to withstand pain and fatigue. On top of all that, there is the technical aspect of fighting. That is quite a bit of areas to cover.

So how do you make something like this easier?


If you’re not coming to that fight prepared, then you’re making it real easy to let yourself quit and lose. You need a sickening work ethic to fully prepare yourself to succeed in a sport like this.


A lot of people think talent is the reason why people get so far in their sport or career. I have always been accused of having talent. A lot of people think that’s what makes me a good fighter.

In my opinion, talent is complete bullshit! 

That is the easiest excuse to tell yourself why someone else succeeds at something that you can’t. Believing in talent is a loser’s mindset. Sometimes you just got to swallow your pride and suck up the fact that someone else is working harder than you.

You ever see that slogan “Lazy But Talented”? Yeah well… You won’t get shit if you’re lazy. I, in no way, think that I have talent and telling someone they have talent is an insult to their work ethic.

In high school, I would get up early in the morning to run before school started and then go to boxing in the evening. When winter came, I joined a 24/7 gym, making me get up at 5:30 am to train before school started. I did this because I wanted to get two training sessions in while everyone else was getting one. I also made sure I trained 7 days a week, not missing one day where I can get better at what I do.

Back then; I didn’t see the point in resting. Every day of every hour of every second was time that can be used to get better. My mind was so focused in getting better in my craft, that I sacrificed a lot for it. Even sleep. Of course, I now know how to program properly being more knowledgeable in this area today. But it was about the discipline that got me what I wanted.

There is NO WAY I got to where I am because of “talent”. I remember how much I hated skipping. When I first started skipping, I had absolutely no rhythm and had the hardest time getting just two skips in a row. With repetition and A LOT of practice, I could finally skip like a normal person. I can now do double unders and crossovers with my eyes closed using the skipping rope.

When I first started boxing, one of the boxing trainers said I had two left feet. Meaning, I had no coordination in my footwork and movement. Thanks to practice and the patience of a really great boxing coach that I had, I eventually started to get compliments from others on how well I move after sparring.

I came a long way when I first started training. I was far from talented. I just showed up, did the work, and didn’t quit. If I believed I was talented, then I wouldn’t of worked as hard as I did.

The work ethic that a fighter needs to prepare for just one event and come out successful is just crazy. But that is the type of work ethic that is needed to be successful at just about anything.

I owe it to the work ethic that I have attained from my fighting career for the success of my training career and every other accomplishment that I have attained.

If you adopt The Fighter’s Mentality of never quitting and The Fighter’s Work Ethic of being completely prepared, then you will literally be unstoppable.

The lessons used from having a fighter’s work ethic can easily be applied to achieving your fitness goal or taking your career to a whole new level. The applications are endless.

I’m going to leave you guys off with a great example of someone who definitely has the fighter’s work ethic but gets accused for being talented.

Listen to Will Smith’s story and discover how he became so successful at what he does.

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    Hey Andrew,
    Great post, I roger your posts, and thinking,
    I think your right, if someone believes in himself,
    Everything is possible in life,
    Thanks jenny(France)

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