The Real Cause of Tight Hips


  Do you always complain of having tight hips? Do you stretch out your hips every day hoping they will be “flexible”? I am telling you right now that you’re wasting your time. You can stretch your hip flexors all day if you’d like but you aren’t fixing the underling problem. It’s like taking an […]

Having a Passion


  A lot of people go day after day feeling unmotivated to get anything done. They just live through the motions. They accept the wage they’re currently earning and go to a job they hate. I see the same thing at the gym. Many people just go through the motions. They go to the gym […]

3 Rules To Live By


I recently went to California for the weekend where I got the chance to learn from the fitness industries top professionals. I have learned many things over this weekend but there were 3 big take a ways that stand out. I have no doubt in my mind that these 3 things can make a drastic […]

The Slow Metabolism Excuse


This is one of my favorite excuses for someone not achieving their goals whether it be losing weight or achieving their ideal body composition. Yes, some people have a slower metabolism than others BUT that shouldn’t be an excuse for the obesity rate that we are currently witnessing. I can’t even keep up with the […]

The Fighter’s Mentality


The fighter’s mentality… Otherwise known as the winner’s mindset. Things that come to my mind when I think of a fighter’s mentality is overcoming an obstacle, getting yourself up after failing at a particular task, facing an opponent (Doesn’t have to be physically), or even ignoring a critic. But the biggest thing is overcoming that […]

You’re Not Busy… You’re Lazy


I deal with a large amount of successful individuals in their fields and professions, but the thought of exercising makes them want to wet their pants. As a personal trainer and strength coach I find this daunting. How can someone with such a strong work ethic fail to commit to exercising more than once a […]